Plush Heart – A funny Valentines Day gift idea 2

With Valentines Day fast approaching, you may be looking for that perfect plush toy to give as a gift for that special somebody.  The obvious choice would be a soft cuddly teddy, possibly holding a heart with “I Love you” on it.  Pretty standard plush for the occasion. How about […]

Cute realistic heart plush toy

Baymax Plush from Disney's Big Hero 6 Movie

Baymax Plush – Disney’s Big Hero 6 Baymax Plushies 2

The Baymax plush is the perfect gift for any fans of Disney’s latest hit movie Big Hero 6.  There are a small number of official Baymax Plush toys  currently available with limited stock by Disney and Bandai and a whole load of un-official Baymax plushies. Below are details about the […]

Toothless Plush – Buy your dragon or make it 2

This post is to explore the reasons why the world loves the Toothless Plush so much and how you can go about buying or even making your very own Toothless Plush dragon. Meet Toothless Toothless is a night fury dragon from the films “How to train your dragon” who befriends […]

Handmade Toothless Plush found on Etsy

The Gund Totoro Plush toy

Totoro Plush – My Neighbour Totoro Plush toys 3

The Totoro plush has to be one of the cutest plush toys you can buy or make. I mention “make” because I have just watched an amazing tutorial on how to make your very own DIY Totoro plush toy. The tutorial is great and makes it look so simple, without […]