Adventure Time Plush Toys

Adventure Time is an animated kids TV show on Cartoon Network starring a boy named Finn and his amazing dog Jake. Jake the dog has magical powers allowing him to change shape, grow and shrink. They both live in the land of Ooo where they spend their day mostly being heroes and having amazing adventures. As well as Finn and Jake there is a whole list of other amazing characters in the show. The reason I know this, is that I watch Adventure Time daily. I could say it’s just because my 2 children absolutely love Adventure Time, but in truth, I’m as hooked as they are.

With Christmas fast approaching, an Adventure Time Plush will make a cool stocking filler!

Below is a selection of the most popular Adventure Time Plush Toys, scroll further down to see even more soft toy characters from the show

Most popular Adventure Time Plush Toys

All the Adventure Time Plush Toys

Finn the Human Plush

Adventure Time Finn Plush ON SALE! – This 10″ official Finn plush toy features his typical attire: white hat with ears, blue t-shirt and shorts and his green backpack.

Jake the Dog Plush

Jake the Dog Plush from Adventure TimeThe official adventure time Jake the Dog plush toy by Jazwares stands 10″ tall. Jake has Velcro wrap around arms making him ideal for cuddles.

BMO / Beemo Plush

The official Adventure Time Beemo Plush by Jazwares This is the official Jazwares BMO plush toy, he stands 8″ tall. BMO is a Finn and Jakes living video game console, a bit like a Game Boy. He’s super soft and huggable and has really detailed stitching.

Lumpy Space Princess Plush

The Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Plush Toy
The Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Plush is a MUST for any Adventure time fan. LSP is my favourite of all characters, OH MY GLOB she is just so cute and lumpy!

Princess Bubblegum Plush

Princess bubblegum plush toy fromt he official Adventure Time Plush toy rangeThis official Princess Bubblegum Plush is 11″ tall. In the show, she has pink Bubblegum for hair and is a brilliant scientist and the ruler of the candy kingdom. She is super soft and an extremely well-made plushie.

Lemongrab Plush

Lemongrab Plush from Adventure TimeThis Lemongrab plush toy is 12″ tall and is the official Jazwares Lemongrab plushie from the Adventure Time soft toy collection.

Gunter Plush

The Gunter Penguin Plush for Adventure Time
This cute penguin Plushie is known as Gunter and is the Ice king’s personal servant. The Gunter plush toy stands 6″ tall and has big shiny eyes.

Handmade Adventure Time Plush Toys


If you are looking for more bespoke custom made Adventure Time plush toys with many characters not available in the official Adventure Time plush collection it’s worth checking out Etsy.

There are dozens of amazing handmade Adventure Time soft toys with characters such as Lemongrab’s Lemon camel, the Snow Golem plush and the fire pup plushie.


Other Adventure Time Plush Toy Characters

Tree Trunks Plush

Adventure Time Plush - Tree TrunksThe official Tree Trunks Adventure Time Plush is 6″ tall and comes with Jazwares tags. Tree Trunks is known for making amazing apple pies.


Peppermint Butler Plush

Adventure Time Plush - Peppermint ButlerThis is the 6″ Peppermint Butler Plush. He is Princess Bubblegum’s loyal butler, but beware he is known for practising black magic!