Minecraft Plush Toys

For the few lucky parents that have managed to dodge the Minecraft bullet count yourself lucky. For the rest of us tortured souls who long for the day when they no longer have to listen to the sound of blocks breaking, creepers fizzing and zombies moaning here are the best minecraft plush toys for your obsessed children.

Most popular Minecraft Plush Toys

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Minecraft Pig Plush

Minecraft Plush Pig Soft Toy
The 7″ baby pig is the No.1 Minecraft stuffed animal toy.  This pig is no doubt a firm favourite with girl fans due to it’s candy-floss pink color.

Minecraft Creeper Plush

Minecraft Creeper plush toy
ON SALE! – This Minecraft Creeper soft toy is child safe, meaning you can approach it without a scary fizzing sound followed by a huge explosion that wrecks your entire house

Minecraft Ocelot Plush

Minecraft Ocelot Soft Toy The Minecraft Ocelot plush toy is far less elusive than the in-game ocelot, which is only found within jungles. The baby ocelot soft toy is quite small at 7″ but very well made and makes the perfect gift for any young minecraft fan. Possibly the cutest of all the minecraft stuffed animals every collection should have the Ocelot.

Minecraft Enderman Plush

Minecraft Enderman Plush Soft Toy
The Minecraft Enderman soft toy is a personal favourite of my nine year old. This Enderman plush stands approximately 11″ tall including it’s legs. Of all the minecraft plushies my 9 year old has, this is by far his favourite.

Minecraft Plush Skeleton

The 12" Official Minecraft Skeleton Plush Toy Most young children probably wouldn’t enjoy the thought of having a skeleton at the end of their bed. This 12″ Minecraft Skeleton Plush toy is the exception to the rule.

Minecraft Spider Plush

The Minecraft Spider Soft Toy
The Minecraft Plush Spider is slightly more expensive than the other Minecraft plushy mobs. However it does have 8 legs and is a good size. The spider make a nice addition to an existing minecraft plushy collection. In-game spiders are typically hostile at night where as this Spider Plush toy is as friendly as a kitten.

Minecraft Ender Dragon Plush

The Ender Dragon Plush Toy
The Ender Dragon plush toy is the one you get to complete the set, for two reasons. The first being that it’s by far the most expensive Minecraft soft toy, the second is that it’s an end-game boss final showdown. Any hardcore Minecraft fan will love it, however your wallet / purse probably won’t.

Handmade Minecraft Plush Toys

If you are looking for more bespoke custom made Minecraft plush toys such as the Minecraft Wolf take a look on Etsy for some amazing handmade soft toys.