Plush Heart – A funny Valentines Day gift idea

With Valentines Day fast approaching, you may be looking for that perfect plush toy to give as a gift for that special somebody.  The obvious choice would be a soft cuddly teddy, possibly holding a heart with “I Love you” on it.  Pretty standard plush for the occasion.

How about something a little different this year? After all how many variations of a valentines teddy bear can you buy before your home becomes overpopulated by them.  Besides, teddies have been known to form bear unions that take strike action if they do not get an annual rise in the amount of cuddle time they receive.

So this year, why not ditch the Teddy and just buy a giant anatomical heart plush?

Plush Heart by “I Heart Guts”

Anatomical heart plush toy

Nothing says “I Love you” more than an anatomical heart plush am I right? This Plush heart is made by “I heart Guts” who make a range of other organs and internal body parts like a Kidney, Colon or a massive appendix to name but a few.

This plush heart is about 11″ tall and made from super soft material which is suitable for all ages. Big and soft enough to be used as an anatomical heart pillow, this plush heart is a fun alternative valentines gift idea sure to put a smile on your partners face.

Where to buy the Anatomical Plush heart

This Plush Heart is currently available to buy from Amazon. For more information and to see the latest price, click the button below

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