Pokemon Plush Toys

Welcome to the Pokemon Plush Toys section of PlushToyBox.com. Pokemon soft toys are currently the worlds most popular plushies, even more so than Mario Plush collection. This is not surprising considering how Pokemons are the perfect size to be actual real life plush toys. There are also so many different characters and variations, that once you start a Pokemon plush collection, you simply have to collect them all.

The selection of Pokemon Plush toys below are specifically chosen as they are the official Takara-Tomy Plushies, which are considered the most collectable and genuine Pokemons you can buy. As a result of this, many are no longer cheap and some are actually quite expensive. If you are looking for more affordable Pokemon plush toys and are not overly concerned about their authenticity click the “All Pokemon Plush Toys” link. Alternatively, check out the amazing handmade Pokemon soft toys on Etsy.

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Pikachu Plush

The Official Pikachu Plush imported from JapanThe Pikachu plush is the most recognisable of all the Pokemon plush toys and the first choice for anyone looking to start a Pokemon plush collection. This Pikachu plush ticks all the cutness boxes with it’s floppy ear and rosy cheeks.

Umbreon Plush

The Umbreon Plush toy made by Takaratomy
ON SALE – This Umbreon Plush toy is the official Takaratomy Japanese import which is highly collectable, if you are not overly concerned about getting a genuine Umbreon plush, there are cheaper less collectable options here

Bulbasaur Plush

Bulbasaur Plush made by Takaratomy - Fromt he official Japenese Pokemon Plush collection
This Bulbasaur Plush toy is made by Takaratomy and is highly collectable hence the price. As with all these Pokemon plushies, there are cheaper less authentic versions, so if you are looking for a Bulbasuar Plush toy for kids to play with, it might be better to choose one from here

Charmander Plush

Charmander Plush made by Takara-Tomy - Highly Collectable Pokemon soft toy
The official Charmander Plush is difficult to buy and in high demand. A genuine Takara-Tomy Charmander Plush is considerably expensive. For more afforable options click here

Custom Made Pokemon Plush Toys

If you are looking for more bespoke custom made Pokemon Plush toys, take a look on Etsy some of them are better than the originals.