Popular Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals

Welcome to the Popular Plush Toys section of PlushToyBox.com. This is the place to find some of the best stuffed animals and soft toys currently available. Cuddly toys make ideal presents for children of all ages and even some adults too. Most plush toys are simply designed and bought to be played with, hugged and loved by kids all over the world. However, there are also many soft toys by makers such as Gund that are highly collectable and well worth treasuring.

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Totoro Plush

The Gund Totoro Plush toy ON SALE! –  Totoro plush from the amazing anime film My neighbour Totoro. To learn more about Totoro plushies or how to make your own one read out blog post here.

Toothless Plush Toy

Toothless Plush Toy from DreamWorks How To Train your Dragon
This Toothless Plush toy is from the DreamWorks movie “How to Train your Dragon” Toothless is a Night Fury dragon and despite him being one of the most feared dragons he is also undoubtedly the cutest! The soft toy is 11″ tall and will growl and purr when squeezed. Toothless Plush toys make the prefect gift for any fan of the movie. Read more about Toothless here

Grumpy Cat Plush

The Grumpy Cat Plush Toy from Gund
This Grumpy Cat Plush toy is made my Gund and is the official licenced plush of the social media sensation that is the Grumpy Cat. This is an exceptionally well made and collectable soft toy.

Baymax Plush

The Bandia feature baymax plush with sond effects
The Bandai 10″ Baymax plush is made from very soft cuddly material and has sound effects that play when Baymax is squeezed. Read our baymax blog post here

Minecraft Enderman Plush

Minecraft Enderman Plush Soft Toy
The Enderman plush toy is from the popular PC / Console game Minecraft and is approximately 11″ tall including it’s legs. This Enderman Soft Toy is the perfect gift for any minecraft fan. To see all the other Minecraft Plushies available click here

Olaf Plush

The Olaf Plush Soft Toy from the film Frozen The Olaf Plush from the film Frozen made by TY Beanie Baby. This Olaf Plush stands around 13″ tall and is an officially licensed Olaf soft Toy suitable for children over 3 years. An Olaf plushy is the perfect gift for any young Frozen fan.

Mario Plush

The Official Nintendo Super Mario Plush soft toy
The official Nintendo Super Mario Plush made by San-ei and imported from Japan. A very well made and collectable plushy at a great price. This Super Mario plush stuffed toy is a little under 8″ tall but don’t let the size put you off.

Pokemon Plush Pikachu

The Official Pikachu Plush imported from Japan Pokemon has been around for almost 20 years and is still as popular today. This Pokemon plush is called Pikachu and is an ideal gift for a Pokemon fan. click here to see all the available Pikacho Soft Toys or view our Pokemon Plush section here to see more of his friends.

Despicable Me Minion Plush

Dave Minion Plush from Despicable Me
This Minion Plush goes by the name “Dave” and is from the movie Despicable me. It’s a well made soft toy that stands about 10″ tall. To see all the other Minion Plush toys and the Despicable Me Unicorn Plush click here

See All the Current Favourites